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Product Summary

  • NOT doing a website security check could cost you dearly
  • Checking website security is NOT your web hosts responsibility
  • How I discovered my websites were probed daily

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How It Works

Compromised (stolen or hacked) websites continue to be an attractive target of cyber criminals. They benefit from:

  • The misuse of reputable domains
  • Use of resources like processing power, bandwidth and the hosting available via compromised web servers.

Types Of Attack:

  • Cross Scripting
  • SQL Injections
  • Brute Force
  • Denial Of Service (DOS)

After Attack:

Server taken over by means of Remote File Inclusion, Local File Inclusion, Directory Traversal, and other methods are the most common, in part because they can be easily automated, the company said. Data theft by means of SQL injection and credentials theft through cross-site scripting (XSS) methods are the other main types of directly damaging attacks, while a fourth type, vulnerability scanning, is more akin to casing a website for future direct attacks.


Security is a practice and regular security check reduces the risk of your website being hijacked and abused for own amusement, malicious intent or profit. Without a daily website security check for hacking activity you would not know your website is being probed and worse still.

We as a team of certified IT security professionals offer services to keep a hawk eye on your website and ensure that it is kept free from attacks and update with existing vulnerabilities.

We do a fair deal and charge for our authentic work only. If your website is updated and an secure then just to check it you do not need to pay.

Go to THIS LINK and check it yourself.

  • Website scanning for vulnerability one time with full report ( Web Server and HTML /ASP )
  • Website Scanning for vulnerability one time with full report ( Web Server, Web Application, Database )
  • Website scanning for 12 month with full report ( Web Server and HTML /ASP ) USD
  • Website Scanning for vulnerability for 12 month with full report ( Web Server, Web Application, Database )
  • Web Site Patch up ( Web Server and HTML /ASP ) One time fees with