How It Works

  1. Customer:
    Company is in manufacturing of sensors, encoder, pressure gauges, and pressure transmitter. An Indian subsidiary is opened to take care of group company business in Middle East and South Asia.

  2. Customer Requirement:

    • Customer is OEM for major system integrator of European companies like n siemens, ABB etc. There a huge OEM supports market in India and Middle East. Customer wanted to keep a close presence with customer as for product and spare parts are concern. Meanwhile customer also interested to reach out to customer and tell them to be available at door step.

    • Customer being product manufacturing company wanted to enter into value market where it can offer customized and customer specific requirement.

  3. Solution Desired:

    • Existing client: Client who are already using product and they would require a spare part support for existing machineries but not aware of company source available nearest to them.

    • Though the operation was new and market reach was limited. First major task was to target the audience who may be probable client.

    • Customer wanted to leverage on its strength to offer client or application specific requirement.

    • Customer stepped in recently and have limited reach, wanted to build a dealer, distributor and stockiest network to expand business all over.

  4. Solution Offered:

    • Online Marketing: We took first step to register the company in all b2bsites and directories having geometrically focused to Indian and Middle East market.

    • SEO: we have done best ranking of the company to appear in first 10 ranking of Google, MSN and Yahoo.

    • Information System: We have set alerts from different procurement sources like trade magazines, govt tenders, and consultant.

    • Direct Marketing: We represent the companies in various govt depart, corporate and consultant for direct business. We are responsible to get the company registered to generate the lead to covert them into sale with support of their technical staff.