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Data Quality Tools

Data Quality Tools

Banks & Companies accumulate large pools of data over time which is used for analysis and reporting. If the accumulated data is not complete and accurate then the resulting analysis does not present the correct picture.

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Price: Rs. 1,00,000.00 | USD 250.00
Social Bookmarks

Add Your Site To 1001 Social Booksmarks

We submit your URL to 1001!!! High Quality Social Bookmarking sites! It is the most NATURAL, search engine friendly technique to use as it does not look spammer & GOOGLE always RANK HIGHER after Spin Title & Description.

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Price: Rs. 4990.00 | USD 79.00
Cartoon Info Graphics

Get Cratoon Info Graphic

Concept sketch process is required, we can't guarantee the best result without it. Final revisions are for free if I misinterpret your brief or made mistake on the illustration. Mega Cyber Lab messaging! I'd be very happy to attend your questions.

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Cartoon Children Book

Get Cartoon Children Book Illustration

Get a professional storyboard for your tv commercial, film etc. I can sketch story board frames with pencil, pen and ditigizer with the right perspectives and more details that makes your project easy for execution.

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Price: Rs.4990.00 | USD 79.00
Story Telling Book

Get Story Telling Book

The US business directory that we offer is up to date for 2013 and it is both comprehensive and at a cost you can afford. We make sure our US business database has everything that you need in a completely updated form. To make things even better.

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SEO Audit

SEO Audit

We will also provide you with a site valuation as a BONUS.
We provide a 100% guarantee on your satisfaction. If you're not happy, I will provide you with a full refund - no questions asked.Our company provides Search Engine Optimization services to numerous clients across the globe.

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